Political Theory

Race Relations

The hatred and demonization of white people, and white men in particular has reached critical mass, as almost the entirety of North American society, when pushed, all seem to agree that “the white mans time is over”, and hearkens back to a time of systemic hatred  towards European Jew’s. Not so much under Hitler, but the milder racism and  antisemitism found in the United Kingdom during the same period. Somehow whiteness has become a concept, when it never was one outside of a clan rally.

As simple as a sentence like that is, it belies the absolute vitriol being flung back and forth in an attempt to demonize the other camp as simply that, “the Other”

The constant push towards an ever more racially aware populace inevitably leads to the sort of terror and destruction witnessed in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the past few nights, and in many other towns and cities in the U.S.A. A movement of racial polarization now seen demonstrating on the streets of Toronto, and in the U.K. and France. The method wherein government attempts to correct the sins of a society that has been dead and gone for hundreds of years is not only impossible, but has been proven impossible  throughout history in many countries and at many times. The apartheid state of South Africa being one such example, as well as P.E. Trudeau’s constitution of Canada which institutionalizes the disenfranchisement of the native peoples, but provides no benefit to the majority society, is but another. The falling demographics of white European society, the failure of the west to maintain its cultural superiority and the failure of educational institutions to demand adherence to the principals of intellectual diversity, have created a perfect storm of ignorance, racism, and an attempt to use the power of the state to disenfranchise the ‘Other’

The white man has become the ‘Other’, and as naturally as dew forms, the formation of a class of white, racially aware individuals that  realize they are being oppressed in the name of the greater good has risen from the ashes of nineteenth century prosperity. This movement has all the hallmarks of every racially aware sub-group before it, and calls itself the ‘alt-right’, and in response to any unwarranted criticism calls its enemys’ the ‘ctrl-left’.

The Alt Right

Focusing in on this racially aware movement will be the sole purpose of another article, however it is important to realize that the alt-right encompasses the racially aware masses of white people who are told they deserve no government protection of their rights because their grandfathers and great grandfathers were white in a time when it was generally preferable to be white. In a sweeping case of absolute stupidity, society has declared that skin color is more important than anything else, and in arbitrating criminal justice, allowed, and continues to allow black, racialist mobs to rule the streets based solely on lies and misinformation that remain unchallenged in media discourse. The Black Lives Matter movement is the exact same group as the Klu Klux Klan, offering the notion that one should stick to ones own racial compatriots. Both of these groups, and the broader political spectrum, has tribalism as it’s core tenet.

The alt right is an apt riposte to the new McCarthyism of leftist identity politics, and it naturally arose due to the simple understanding of the facts. Educated professionals are locked in a sort of identity crises, where any criticism of their field or their work is construed as a direct attack on their “identity”. Hence any criticism of Hillary Clinton is an attack on women, any criticism of BLM is racist, and so on. History will remember the alt right as a plucky group of young people who arose to take on the racist motivations of the  BLM movement, and attempt to move the silent masses into action.

Black Lives Matter

It is also important to note that BLM stands for nothing on its own. BLM exists solely as a destructive force against “white america”.  It’s purpose is the same as the Nazi Brown shirts of 1933, to create confusion, panic and terror. To shut down conversation, to destroy any avenue of peaceful collaboration in favor of destruction, murder, rape and pillaging. The members of this group feed on anarchy and the inability of those in power to do anything to stop them from committing the acts of terror they seem so ready and willing to commit. The BLM movement stands only to destroy western values because they are western values. There is in BLM no love for freedom, equality or peace. The philosophy of such a movement is driven by hatred first of the other, but also hatred of oneself as well. This has been proven through several psychological profiles of overt racist politico’s and movements, the best example being the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia. The quest for equality as a false god.

(It seems important to note briefly that the philosophy of the BLM movement is a philosophy found in many other countries around the world today, and significant time will be devoted to outlining and explaining the groups and their ideals and how they tie into the quest for classical liberalism, and the need for urgency in asserting the dominance and superiority of the west. Due to critical theory, intellectuals in the west seem unable to assert that the ideals espoused by the west are in fact the ideals required to create a functioning society. The west is superior in almost every way measurable than the caliphate of ISIS, and the proof is simple, no-one, not even Muslims want to live under the caliphate. )

Now What?

At this point in history the information age has prevented the disenfranchisement of a group of people based solely on the fact they have white skin, and the internet has proven to be an absolutely critical vehicle in allowing the alt right to criticize those who would put them in gulags, giving the voiceless a way to disagree with those in power, and to ridicule the favorite minion groups of the wealthy elite.

And so the debate between the two political parties in the USA can be used as a lens to focus on the motives and philosophy of the two main camps of political power. However, it must be noted that these two camps, the democrats and republicans,  both favor more government control, rather than personal liberty. In the history of the great America, no other election portended so strong a death knell of civilization. America smells of death, and her enemies know it. It is simply a fact that Hillary Clinton is the single most corrupt politician since Caligula of Rome. Donald Trump’s isolationist policies signal an almost certain end to the Pax Americana; a peace that has ruled the trade routes of the globe for seventy years. American empire building is at an end, and that means the most benevolent empire in the world will no longer come to the rescue of the worlds poor and downtrodden. The American ideal of live and harm none, the governmental protection of your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are at an end. Freedom is an ideal that remains worth preserving, however, good men no longer answer the call.  The rise of the political establishment that tells voters what values to hold, rather than simply being the walking and talking representatives of those values, signals the end of those values being fought for. If, as many in the media claim, the west is an idea, than the west is already dead. The greatest protector of freedom the world has ever seen has been sacrificed on the alter of environmentalism and critical theory. The ideals espoused in the Constitution Of America are no longer the ideals and values held by a majority of the political establishment. Whether or not the people feel this way is irrelevant, as it seems the status quo has effectively blocked any attempt at a third party run, neatly blocking Jill Stein and Gary Johnson from participating.

The American ideals come to an end in favor of socialistic style altruism and distribution on what this writer calls the Dishonest Percentages. The one percent of a society is probably the most crass and ridiculous propaganda technique ever developed to foment hatred towards those that are more well off. The 1%, no one, and everyone, coupled with a racial identity of ‘whiteness’, have been blamed almost exclusively for the problems of inner city blacks in america. The racial unrest of democratically controlled inner cities mean the propaganda effort has been successful, and the destruction of property has been legitimized by the President of the most powerful super power on the face of the earth as a useful form of protest.

Retreating from these positions is a daunting task, surely not one that either presidential candidate has the capacity to deal with.


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