20 minute free write challenge

WE should be very careful about just what we think we are playing with in changing the way we vote. Something that has worked so well for so long, and been responsible for allowing so much progress to be made. Literally every form of civil rights, human rights, the concepts of rights as we understand them and have implemented them have been first implemented in a country in which a first past the post voting system is utilized. One person, one vote. that’s the way it has been for a very long time and should probably stay that way until someone makes a better case for changing it then its unfair, or it wastes votes. wasted votes aren’t really that important to me, and Ill explain why. The way we vote is actually a philosophical proxy for war. Before Canada became confederated, 20 people died attempting to vote. That’s how dangerous voting was, and once you understand how contentious voting, the act of electing a leader, actually is, you begin to understand why certain people wanted to limit other people from establishing and exercising that form of speech. The first votes in Canada where cast orally, because most men didn’t know how to read or write, although that could be debated. Also the rules for how to vote often ended up in bloodshed. After Canada became confederated, and free speech became an ideal that most people valued, then Voting became a right and society steadily, over many years of lurching back and forth between expanding that right and refusing it to people that had previously enjoyed, we are now here, in dec 2016, about to have a referendum about the way we vote.
But how do we vote, what is its purpose, and why does it matter? well I will start at the end. It matters because like it or not, we are all in this together. Our multicultural society has to work somehow, and how it works begins as an idea. We all get a say in how the country is run. That is the essence of free speech. Although, as we can see south of the border that some people on the left of the political spectrum do not feel that any one should be able to vote, you can see just how easy it is to “feel” as though someone should no longer be able to exercise a basic right that you feel you are entitled to. Free speech and voting are inextricably linked, because a vote, the piece of paper you cast, the ballot proper, is a proxy for violence. That is how voting began. At one point in human history, all disagreements were settled with violence, and Jane Goodall’s research(XX) about the aggression in primates proves that rather than Hitler, Stalin and Mao being outliers, they are the logical outcome of a dysfunctional society. The conventional theory is that dictators seize power in an unsuspecting country, but that is not the case. If you study history you will very quickly see that rather than seize power, they simply utilized the voting system that was already in place. This can be seen also in the rise of the muslim brotherhood in the middle east, and in the green revolution in Iran. It is not the right to vote that saves a society from dictators, rather it is society that does not allow a dictator to seize power through a vote. Once you understand how have and demonization work, you quickly understand that the mechanism by which we vote is actually a balance on power. The first past the post system can be criticized for a lot of things when you do not understand how evil a human being can be. Evil becomes an art form, and maybe 51% of the population have no problem putting people in a concentration camp, or killing them because of there religion, but that 51% is fractured into four opposing ideologies that all hate each other as much as they hate the people they are trying to oppress. However the 49% might be split into two parties that oppose all forms of extremism and vote for the protection of human rights. That effort might only garner 30-40% of the actual voting population. This is how th math breaks down, and it is actually quite simple to understand OUr education system teaches people to be the tools of ideas, not to use ideas as tools, and they vote to expand the power and influence of their Ideology Communists do not vote for what is in their own interest, they vote for what their ideologies demand they vote for. And changing our voting system to one in which the “rights” of extremists can be made even more influential is a massive folly. Our voting system should not be fair, nor balanced. That is not the correct criteria by which the act of voting should be judged. All of our history, and the history of America and the uk in the last hundred years have been responsible for the movements that helped shape civil rights, women’s rights, and gay rights…

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