Hello and Welcome!

All things being equal, I would have to say I am pretty proud to be a Canadian.

could be worse right?

No really, think about it for a minute. Canada is very different from our Southerly, rather loud mouthed neighbor, and different in almost every area that matters. If you were an American, rather than Canadian, you would be 5.9 times more likely to be in prison, and 2.7 times as likely to be murdered. Canada is bigger, has a lot less people in it, I guess it follows logically that more people equals more crime.

But beyond the random statistics, how much does the good ol’ U.S. of  A have in common with the great white north? How do we differ?

The US. media does a tremendous job at broadcasting to the world just how great America is, and, more recently, at a history Americans have to answer for. This messaging has flowed its way north of the 49th, into our home, and native land. People around me began talking about Canada’s history, and what influence Canada has had in shaping world events.

This blog is dedicated, and for,Canadians who may have overdosed on american media. We want to bust some of the myths that get smuggled over the border, speak on justice and morality, and dissect a little bit of “Canadiana”.  I also want to explore a little bit of history to get some context into the issues facing Canadians, and whats on the political and Geo-political radar.

I have no idea where this blog will take us, you and I, so grab some maple flavored crown royal, or a Molson, and lets get started.







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